A World In Me

Poem and photograph by Saif Ali

Look at me!

Take a moment and look at me!

What do you see?

What do you think of me?

When you see the shattered memories of my past

The scattered ashes of my dreams

The deep wounds that decorate my heart

What do you see?

Yes, I have lost a lot and grieved a lot

I was broken at times and my hopes were torn hundreds of times

You are right. I carry a world of sorrow, grief and loss


I also carry another world

A world that is as big, and as real

Where butterflies can ride storms and dance with fire

Where hope is a phoenix that never dies for long before it rises again

Where trust is a mountain that keeps growing deeper and higher

Where possibilities know no limits and dreams can never be contained

So please remember that I am more than what I’ve lost

Remember that I am more than what you see

Come closer and look again…

And see the endless buds that are awaiting the sunshine

See the rivers, the lands, the birds and the stars

There is still a space in me for a new possibility

There is still a space in me for a new beginning, for a new reality

I am much more that what I’ve lost

I am much more than what you see

So don’t force me into a box that breaks my wings


Be the sunray that helps me flourish

Be the flame that resurrects the phoenix in me!

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